‘Cautiously optimistic,’ City health, hospital leaders reflect on ‘good’ Covid numbers following Mardi Gras

By WBOK Staff

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -There is a stack of packages at Le Jardin on Royal Street ready to ship.

“We made a lot of sales, sales are up,” said Stuart Thompson.

They’re art pieces headed to Texas, California, all across the country, proof of a successful Mardi Gras season.

“I could feel before going into this Mardi Gras that was like released into the air and the city is just kind of like on a euphoria and like sales have been up,” said Thompson.

Adding to the good feelings, New Orleans Health Director Dr. Jennifer Avegno says nearly two weeks after Mardi Gras the city’s Covid numbers are pretty good too.

“We’re not seeing widespread workplace disruptions or school disruptions,” said Avegno.

Avegno says the city’s monitoring Covid in the community through wastewater. She says so far, those numbers through Ash Wednesday are stable.

“What we can say is that the people that started coming into town or started, you know, going to big parties in mid-February don’t seem to have been causing more infections that we’re picking up. So that’s exciting,” said Avegno.

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