Ida victims & contractors say insurers are denying obvious damage and causing other problems

By WBOK Staff

Friday, November 19, 2021

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Some homeowners and contractors say the Ida rebuilding process is hampered by insurance company antics. Complaints range from claims that insurers are denying some damage exists to trying to get people to buy supplies from certain businesses.

A modern camper sits in Danny Farrell’s front yard in Hahnville. It is where he, his wife, daughter and two dogs are staying because they cannot live in their damaged brick home.

“This is the living room, and the kitchen and dining room is what took the majority of the water but it just ran down the rafters into, into every room,” said Farrell.

He documented water pouring into his home after Ida damaged the roof.

“We tried to catch it when it first but it just ended up getting worse as the storm went on,” said Farrell.

Now he said he is dealing with a slow and frustrating insurance process.

“Kind of difficult to deal with, they’re harder to get on the phone. The estimate was significantly lower than repair costs from contractors and all the estimates I’ve received. Supplements have been approved,” said Farrell.

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