New Orleans DA launches investigation into Dryades YMCA for allegedly misappropriating over a $1 million

By WBOK Staff

Friday, October 29, 2021

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams launches an investigation into the possible abuse of over $1 million in school funds.

NOLA Public Schools sent a letter to the DA alleging the money meant for Singleton Charter School was either misappropriated or mismanaged by the Dryades YMCA over several years. This investigation is just the latest step in a battle that’s been happening for months.

In July the school district attempted to pull the charter from the Dryades YMCA, but it was blocked by a judge.

Now the district has the DA’s office investigating. First Assistant DA Bob White will be taking the lead issuing subpoenas in the next coming weeks.

The letter alleges the Y acknowledged that it owed the charter money, although it was never paid back, and further investigation showed there were checks written to cash without proper documentation and credit card payments without receipts.

“We live in a city that desperately needs more resources flowing to support our young people not having it siphoned away so it is critically important we get to the bottom of these allegations to ensure some degree of public confidence in all that we all need to be doing to protect and support and build up our children,” Williams said.

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