New Orleans vaccine mandate extension that includes kids now in effect

By WBOK Staff

Monday, January 3, 2022

Lakeview (WGNO) – The vaccine mandate extension that now includes children ages five and older is now in effect for the City of New Orleans.

Russell’s Marina Grill in Lakeview is adapting to the new mandate, which will require the staff to ask for proof of vaccination or a negative test.

“I mean, whether we agree or not, you know, I don’t know if it’s relevant, but it makes things harder. That’s for sure,” said Pavlos Petrou, owner of Russell’s Marina Grill.

Petrou is worried some people may leave his restaurant for another one down the street because of the restrictions.

“People can walk, you know, a thousand yards and cross the canal into Jefferson Parish,” explained Petrou. “If they don’t want the hassle, they’re not going to come here.”

However, the restaurant is going to do their part in protecting their patrons and staff. Petrou adds it’s not personal.

“A lot of people offer their opinions, you know, but again, this is not a matter of opinion, it’s us following the mandate and the rule, and I don’t really want to take a chance to close my place down as challenging as it is right now,” said Petrou.

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