NOPD announces it will no longer implement drug charges for simple possession of marijuana alone

By WBOK Staff

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The NOPD announced that beginning this week the department will no longer issue citations for small possessions of weed alone in the parish.

Monday the people of New Orleans spoke out.

"I personally feel it is a really great idea. I am all about the decriminalization of cannabis," Jessica Paice said.

Marcus Sangodoyin- Akinlana said, "If you know the history of this country, you know the way they have used this so called 'war on drugs' as an attack against African people in this country. As far as I am concerned, this is long overdue."

Based on records, blacks are disproportionately arrested for marijuana possession in Louisiana.

The law was supposed to go into effect back in September of last year. Sometime after New Orleans City Council passed an ordinance to take away all penalties for simple weed possession in the city by issuing pardons, instead of fines or court appearances. Kevin Caldwell with the Marijuana Policy Project said it is time to right the wrong.

"People lose the opportunity to get jobs, to get housing. To get educational assistance. These are key things that can haunt people for the rest of their lives for something that is legal in 18 states," said Caldwell.

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