'Preacher's Kids' PJ Morton and Ro James Discuss How Religion Impacted Their Music

By WBOK Staff

Monday, November 22, 2021

Our R&B dreams came true on this week’s episode of The B Side featuring host, PJ Morton. 

Not only did some of our favorite stars get to test their R&B knowledge, but Morton connected with contestant and fellow singer/songwriter, Ro James. The two share a unique connection as they both grew up in the church.


“We’re both preacher’s kids,” said Morton. “And we’re both not preachers. We’re R&B singers.”

The son of Bishop Paul and Pastor Debra Morton, Morton got his start in gospel music, before embarking on his current secular musical journey.

“It’s definitely a spiritual aspect to the music,” he shared. “I don’t think people who aren’t preacher’s kids can truly understand what that process feels like growing up and what that means.”

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