By Phillip Thomas

It was a Monday evening at Monday | Restaurant + Bar on Bienville Street in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. Inside, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement as customers settled into their seats, eagerly anticipating the live broadcast of The Sports Report With Reggie Flood and David Grubb on WBOK 12:30 A.M.

As the clock neared the top of the hour, Reggie’s booming voice echoed through the restaurant, “It’s the Sports report; I am Reggie Flood, here with my right-hand man, but he is on my left—it’s David Grubb. It’s Flood and Grubb.”

The show’s charming hosts, David Grubb and Reggie Flood, got ready to go live. For the evening, the booth, which was furnished with sports memorabilia, acted as their temporary studio. There was a mix of residents and visitors, all of them focused on the large screens arranged for the best Monday night football viewing.

“Sports allows people to be a part of a bigger group—high school, college, neighborhood,” said David Grubb, co-host of the Sports Report. “People view their cities or neighborhood sports team as a reflection of themselves and use it as an escape,” Grubb said.

The duo dove into current sports headlines, seamlessly blending their banter with the sizzling sounds of the kitchen. “The food from Mondays mixed with New Orleans sports is the perfect way I want to spend my afternoon” said John Smith, a local customer and a daily listener

of The Sports Report. Callers engaged in lively discussions, alternating between bites of jambalaya and cheers for their favorite football teams.

“The Sports Report allows the true New Orleans community to voice their opinions and have a back-and-forth conversation” said Kendall Williams, the producer of The Sports Report. As the evening unfolded, the radio waves carried the energy of the lively gathering to listeners across the city. The magic of Mondays At Monday had transcended the airwaves, creating a unique fusion of sports, community, and culinary delights that became a cherished weekly tradition in the vibrant city of New Orleans.

“Sports is a celebration that allows people to have things in common,” said Reggie Flood, the host of the Sports Report.