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The Front Porch is just that: a respite of sorts, couched in New Orleans culture. Actor, whiskey afficionado and trivia genius Gralen Bryant Banks delivers fun, light, informative, and enriching conversation about the culture of New Orleans. He is joined by Kemba White Dupree, a New Orleans native to share an intense and abiding love of the city and all its offerings and they don’t hold back in their praise or critique. Come sit a spell and learn everything from Brass Bands to Mardi Gras Big Chiefs to places to go and things to eat in and around this great city!

Gralen Bryant Banks

Gralen Bryant Banks is a proud son of Uptown New Orleans’ 13th Ward and has been a fixture on the Crescent City entertainment scene for two decades! His distinctive voice and bon vivant personality launched a career as a sought-after Master of Ceremonies in and around the area.

His burgeoning turn as an actor is a post-Katrina phenomenon and follows a twenty plus year career in Public Safety and Security Management. A court certified Expert in Hospitality, Industry, and Security, Gralen’s film career began when he was featured in Spike Lee’s award-winning film, “When the Levees Broke”. Gralen admits that he was bitten hard by the acting bug during that time and wanted to further explore film and television opportunities. He has appeared in over forty-five films, television movies, series, and commercials. His role as Berry Gordy in “Motown” was his first foray into musical theater.

Gralen is an active member of two of the most revered and respected Social and Pleasure organizations in New Orleans. He is a Soulful Warrior of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Inc, and in his second decade as a member of Black Men of Labor, a Social and Pleasure organization dedicated to keeping the traditional New Orleans music alive, and on the streets of the city that gave it birth!

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Gralen Bryant Banks &
Kemba White Dupree

Kemba White Dupree

Kemba White Dupree was born and raised in New Orleans. Her high energy and breadth of knowledge about New Orleans culture and current events keep her popular with listeners. She’s a wife, mother, dancer, former teacher and is pursuing a degree in nursing. When she isn’t lighting up the airwaves, she can be found at second lines, eating crawfish on the lake, at a festival, a carnival related function and of course spending time with her family.

Kemba is energetic, funny, and intelligent. She lives an active lifestyle and enjoys trying and learning new things. Her fans are women, mothers, families, students, professionals, and educators, to name a few.

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