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Discussing today’s real issues and looking for real solutions. Hosted by Gerod Stevens, this show digs into current events and taps the audience and industry leaders for provocative commentary.

Gerod Stevens radio talents put him in front of the mic and managing radio stations throughout his entire career. His smooth voice and common-sense approach to today’s issues engages listeners daily.

Stevens’ lifelong work as an announcer in radio communications started his junior year in high school. He graduated with a communications degree from the University of North Carolina. His work at local radio stations in Raleigh and Durham, gained the attention of Clear Channel Radio. The position as WQUE’s new Program Director brought him to New Orleans. Later, he was promoted to the Operations Manager for the station, as well as sister-station WYLD. He held that postiion for 15 years. Gerod also owned and operated GS1 Television Productions.

Today, Gerod has found the best of both worlds at WBOK where he is Program Director and on-air host for The Reality Check. He is recipient of the NAACP President’s Award, Billboard Music Award for Air Personality (1996), and Billboard Music Award for Program Director (1998).

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Gerod Stevens

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