Talk Shows

Amazingly new and informative WBOK — the legendary black owned radio station in New Orleans — is set to deliver great information for years to come.

Wake Up with the Professor and Reagan

Weekdays 6-7am
Each day starts with gospel music followed by the hilariously funny yet always uplifting show called Wake Up with The Professor and Reagan. Their show is a rip-roaring early morning look at family situations and current events. The Professor offers a sometimes jarring, always realistic, and usually humorous look at the choices people make and the consequences they find themselves in as a result. Cohost Reagan helps The Professor see a different perspective and provides a steading dish of reason and perspective. With the Professor and Reagan, you’ll get “The Truth, the Spiritual Truth, and a little Gossip, too!”

The Good Morning Show

Starting July 15th | Weekdays 7-10am
On Thursday, July 15, media royalty makes a return to broadcasting. Veteran television anchor Sally-Ann Roberts joins radio station WBOK 1230 am as anchor of the Good Morning Show. This will be Roberts' first time anchoring a morning radio talk show.  Roberts will be taking over for long-time WBOK morning anchor and former New Orleans city council member, Oliver Thomas. Thomas announced that he would be taking some time away from The Good Morning Show.  Stay Tuned!

On the Front Porch

Weekdays 10am-12pm
The Front Porch is just that: a respite of sorts, couched in New  Orleans culture. Local renaissance man Gralen Banks and trivia  genius Courtney Mpagi deliver fun, light, yet informative and  enriching conversation about the culture of America’s most unique  city. They each have an intense and abiding love of the city and all its  offerings – and they don’t hold back in their praise or critique. Both  were educated in New Orleans Public Schools and both have roots in the entertainment industry, Courtney, a well known social media  broadcaster and he with over 20 years in the television/movie business,  so they know how to put on a show. Come sit a spell with Gralen Banks  and Courtney Mpagi weekdays from 10 am to noon to discuss all things  New Orleans: from Brass Bands to Mardi Gras Big Chiefs to places to go  and things to eat in and around this great city!

The Reality Check

Weekdays 1-4pm
He’s baaack ladies and gentlemen. Gerod Stevens, once the highest-rated talk show host in the city of New Orleans, is back on the air at WBOK. His trademark wit and colloquialisms are only offset by his journalistic expertise and ability to get to the truth of the matter. His guests have included NOPD Chief Sean Ferguson, Senator Jimmy Harris, presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s campaign manager, and Freedom Rider, Doretha “Doadie” Smith. His deep connections and unfettered search for the bottom line combine to deliver stories that expose and expound. Callers from around the country tune and call in providing daily banter that both entertains and enlightens.

The Sports Report

Weeknights 6-8pm

The Sports report is New Orleans premiere radio sports program.  Each weekday afternoon on your way home, tune in to hear sports  enthusiasts, annalist and movers and shakers that make the tough  decisions join our sports professional Reggie Flood as he breaks  down all the latest information on pro, college and high school  score boards. Reggie’s guest include retired, and current players  coaches and more. Reggie engages callers with statistics and  opinions so you never know what the mood of the day will be with  our arm chair quarterbacks.

Talk Shows

  • Wake Up with the Professor and Reagan
  • The Good Morning Show
  • On the Front Porch
  • The Reality Check
  • The Sports Report