On June 19th 1865, news reached enslaved peoples in Texas that were emancipated. These individuals are presumed to be  the last group of enslaved people in the United States. They continued in their enslavement, unaware their emancipation had occurred three years prior in 1862, with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Celebrations ensued, and the date became know as Juneteenth.  In 2021, Juneteenth became a nationally recognized holiday in the United States celebrated on June 19th.

In 2022, WBOK 1230 am commemorated Juneteenth with the inaugural city-wide celebration, the Juneteenth Freedom Fest. This outdoor festival celebrates the culture and spirit of those enslaved peoples, their fight for freedom, equal rights and equitable treatment in all areas of life.

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The goal of Juneteenth Freedom Fest is to educate the public about Juneteenth and its cultural significance, inspire thoughtful dialogue about systemic issues persisting in the African diaspora, and create realistic solutions to these issues. This momentous event that will include live art, panel discussions, traditional food demonstrations, music, food, and fun for all. Everyone is welcome!